The 44-days Backpacking Challenge

I guess by now you already know that I left Manila last night for Hanoi which is my first stop. Here I am, currently staying in the airport waiting for the first bus to take me to the city which is at 5am (6am Manila time).

Route for the 44-day journey

I will be embarking in probably the most adventurous and ambitious trip to date. I am planning to travel to 4 countries in 44 days with PHP 40,000 budget, which makes me worry if I can make it especially all the expenses that I will be spending on. Thank God for Couchsurfing, at least I get to save on accommodations.

I really don’t have an itinerary just the places I will be visiting. I would like to share to you the dates and the places I will be visiting. (If I went missing, you know where to look for me! *knocks on wood*)

November 2                              Hanoi

November 6                              Da Nang & Hoi An

November 10                            Ho Chi Minh

November 14                            Phnom Penh

November 17                            Koh Rong

November 19                            Siem Reap

November 22                            Luang Prabang

November 25                            Vientiane

November 26                            Bangkok

November 27                            Chiang Mai

December 4                               Phuket

December 7                               Koh Pha Ngan (Half Moon Party!!)

December 9                               Bangkok (Insert Ayutthaya somewhere)

December 13                             Flight back to Manila

Ambitious, right? This is just a rough draft and things may change. As you know, shit happens and we will never know when it will strike.


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