44-days Backpacking Challenge: Total Cost of Travel

This post is way overdue but, here you go guys. More than 7 months ago I embarked on a backpacking journey for 44 days covering 4 countries. The original itinerary was to visit Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand. But as fate would have it, it didn’t go as expected and ended up just visiting Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. No regrets, I still had a blast!

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Ha Long Bay: Endless Limestone Cliffs

Ha Long bay is a must-see when you are in Northern Vietnam. Ha Long bay literally means “descending dragon bay” and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is made up of thousands of limestone isles with emerald green waters. Imagine El Nido or Coron limestones but BIGGER! It is a 4-hour bus ride from Hanoi to the port heading to Ha Long bay. After spending a night in Hanoi, I booked a 2 days 1 night tour for Ha Long bay in my hostel. There are also options for a day-tour and 3 days 2 nights.

Sunrise in Ha Long bay

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